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Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System Review – The Easy Way To Organize Your Closet

Product: Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System

Price: $127.49

Where to Buy:

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

My rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product overview


When it comes to organization, there are many options out there. For the closet, they have pre-made systems or DIY. Customized DIY organization can be quite pricey. And if that is the way you want to go the start planning to your heart’s content. But if you prefer something pre-made that you can just throw together then I recommend the Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System.

Minimalist Design

This system is minimal in its design, but it is really quite pleasing to the eye. This one is in espresso finish. There are a total of 12 shelves and 4 hanging rods. There are six shelves on either side of an expandable hanging system. The shelves are flat resin slats, so you can’t really put small things on the shelves. I would personally use baskets on the shelves that I plan to put smaller pieces on such as cologne/perfume or jewelry. If you don’t want to use baskets, something flat placed on each shelf would do the trick here.


The steel wire construction is really impressive with a weight limit of 100 pounds per shelf. Unexpanded, the minimum width of this closet organizer is 154-inches with the side rods. The center rods would be 36-inches with a weight capacity of 125-pounds. Expanded, the maximum width of this closet organizer is 202-inches with the side rods. The center rods would be with a weight capacity of 50-pounds. So keep those weight limits in mind with the expansion of the system.


The system really is customizable in that the shelves and hanging rods adjust at 1-inch increments. This is important for people like me who aren’t very tall. This system is very easy to put together, and wall-mounting hardware is included. It is a good idea to do this to keep the system from tipping in any event.


While this says Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System, it could be used in other areas of the home. This could be used in the bathroom if it is large enough to accommodate, or in the laundry room as well.

Coordinating Pieces Available

I don’t really find any cons to this product, other than maybe the slatted shelving and the limited one-year warranty. But that wouldn’t deter me from purchasing it.  And the great thing about this system is that Seville has an entire line of “classics” to add to further customize to your liking. They have shoe racks and tower shelving to make this as big or little as you need. I think the price is great as well. 

Dimensions: 74″ W (expandable up to 202″) x 14″ D x 72.75″ H
Pole diameter: 3/4″
Shelf dimensions: 18″ x 14″
Hanging rod capacity (unexpanded): 150 lbs.
Hanging rod capacity (expanded): 75 lbs.
Capacity: 100 lbs. per shelf
Weight: 75.5 lbs.
Model #: SHE16199B

Final Thoughts

I really like this piece, and could see myself putting it together myself rather than wait on the husband to do it. I am all about organization and decluttering. So if you are needing to organize your wardrobe area, and want something easy to put together, and nice for the price, maybe check out Seville’s classic line. If you do, let me know what you think about it.





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4 thoughts on “Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System Review – The Easy Way To Organize Your Closet

  1. I have recently moved house and not very impressed with the closets. The basic rod and shelf do not leave much organization. This looks impressive. I like that it is not like the white metal shelving I have been seeing everywhere. It looks attractive and functional. Thank you for the helpful review, I will have to check this out.

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