Mormon Mom Planner| 2018 Review

First of all let me say I am relatively new to this planner thing. I remember back in the day when those little 2-year planners the size of a checkbook were the thing. I always used those.


But now there are some really awesome planners out there. I know that not everyone is a planner person, but if you are, keep reading.


The planner I will be telling you about is The Mormon Mom Planner from In The Leafy Treetops. This planner is meant to be a planner/organizer/journal all in one. There are many extra pages within this planner besides just the calendar itself.

The Mormon Mom Planner is obviously geared toward the Mormon faith, but during my research I have found that it doesn’t dissuade planner users. It can be tailored to your own faith, or you could just remove those pages that you don’t need.

This planner has two styles. There is the yearly and the academic style. The yearly planner runs from January through December like a regular calendar year. The academic runs from August through July like the school year. I personally prefer the yearly layout, but to each their own.

I can definitely see the benefits of an academic calendar. For college students, teachers, and even parents of school aged children who plan their lives around the school year, this is perfect for them.



As I’ve said, I did a lot of research on this planner. I have watched many YouTube videos as well. I enjoyed this because you get ideas of how others used their pages, and might even give you some ideas if you decide to get a Mormon Mom Planner.



Within the pages of this planner, you will find that the weeks go from Sunday to Saturday which is nice because I have had planners and even wall calendars before that the weeks went from Monday to Sunday. That had me all mixed up.

Some may not like the Sunday to Saturday layout because the weekends are split. For me it works better because Sunday is the first day of the week, not Monday. However, I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to get used to it either way.


Moving Right Along

So when you open up this planner, you will be surprised to see how sturdy the tabs and pages are. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews on this. The covers are also very sturdy.

The purpose for a planner is to plan, and planning you can do with this planner. There are pages for everything. I will list each page of the planner just so you can get an idea:

  • year at a glance (2018 & 2019)
  • plan ahead for 2019
  • birthdays & anniversary section
  • a few of my favorite things
  • contacts
  • yearly medical appointments
  • miscellaneous services
    • yard care
    • plumber
    • lawyer
    • electrician
  • insurance information
    • home
    • health
    • auto
    • life
  • church leaders & babysitters
  • online accounts & passwords
  • visiting teaching (LDS)
  • old & new testament as well as Book of Mormon (LDS)

Then the months begin. Each month begins with lovely inspirational quotes, and every month has a different pattern and color scheme.



Each month has:

  • goal page
  • month at a glance
  • weekly spread
  • people/places to visit and blank sections
  • budget
  • another monthly spread
  • blank 4 quadrant, lined page
  • family home evening (LDS)
  • search, ponder, & pray/Sunday notes
  • New Years goals (January)
  • lined sheets



Each month that contains a holiday has specially designed holiday planning sheets:

  • Easter- to-do, decorations, traditions & menu planning
  • summer plans
  • back to school plans
    • shopping lists & school info
  • Thanksgiving- to-do, decorations, traditions & menu planning
  • Christmas-
    • to-do, decorations, traditions & menu planning
    • gift planning
    • stocking stuffers
    • online shopping
    • Christmas cards


And That’s Not All

As if that isn’t enough, you guys, there’s more! You get a year-in-review for highlights of each month as well as a January 2019 month at a glance. Because, as you know, there will be appointments and things coming up in the “new year”, so the 2019 January calendar is a great bonus!

There are still more pages. These include:

  • home & family
  • together forever
  • all about me
  • habit tracker
  • it’s the little things
    • according to other reviews this is a great place to track each child/family member
  • family ideals
  • financial management/debt elimination
  • prepare every needful thing
  • a house of order
    • daily tasks
    • weekly tasks
    • monthly tasks
    • yearly tasks
  • vacation plans


So, that’s a lot of stuff! I admit there are pages I would not use, but many people will use them all. It’s really your choice. This is your planner, make it your own if you decide to get one. You will have a great place to mind dump so you don’t have to try to remember every single thing going on. I mean, we all have busy lives, and this is just a way to help keep track essentially.


Other Reviews

I did, however, see a few customer reviews on the In The Leafy Treetops website that reference “too many pages”, “too bulky”, and “too heavy”. And the In the Leafy Treetops site put a disclaimer on their website about some mistakes that were made in the 2018 planner.

There are three mistakes in dates. They have July starting on Monday when it actually starts on Sunday. December first is on Friday when it should be on Saturday. Then the January 2019 has a repeat in numbers.


ALL of these occur in the monthly spread but not the weekly, and they all correct themselves in the second week.

Then there are three spelling mistakes as well. The words annual and vacuum are misspelled. All in all these are small errors that can be covered up by stickers or a little white-out.

And if you don’t like this planner, as long as it isn’t written in, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping. If it is damaged upon arrival, you can request an exchange or discount.

So, if you think the Mormon Mom Planner might the planner for you, you can get one here.




At A Glance
  • Product: Mormon Mom Planner
  • Price: $34.99
  • Specs: 6x9 and 1.25 inches thick
  • Functionality: very functional
  • Return policy: yes *restrictions apply
  • Where to buy: In The Leafy Treetops
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4 thoughts on “Mormon Mom Planner| 2018 Review

  1. Hi, this article is superb, even one of the best articles I have ever read about organizing out daily bits. great tips and advises….great work, keep it up..

  2. Hi Michelle, I loved this article and this planner looks brilliant! I love all the little extras like the “Habit Tracker” and “It’s the little things”. Personally I have an A5 Filofax Clipbook which I can pop different things in and out of when I feel like it – i love some of the idea’s in this planner though.

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