How To Get Motivated To Clean Your Home – When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

When I was a teenager, I always kept my bedroom clean. I didn’t like clutter, and I still don’t. My bed was always made and my folded laundry was always put away. When I got married, this desire to have a clean living space carried over, and I would clean my home every day. Sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, laundry; I would do it all. Fast forward 22 years and five kids later, and I struggle with cleaning at all.

In The Beginning

I had my first baby at 18, shortly after getting married. It was easy to keep up with the house. After babies number two and three, it was still not too bad. But then there was about a six-year gap between my third and fourth children. All three of the older ones were in school and I was still used to that clean home. But when the last two came along, they were barely two years apart. Something just happened and I no longer had the energy to keep a clean house. I mean, we didn’t live in filth, but I just didn’t have the want to.



I was tired. I AM tired. My kids that are still at home are 15, 13, 7, and 4. I babysit my 3 year old grandson, and my daughter just had a baby girl Wednesday (on my 7 year old’s birthday!). Needless to say, I AM TIRED.


There are toys everywhere. My home and yard look like a daycare. Most days I do the bare minimum like dishes and laundry as well as the floor when it can’t wait another day. I honestly just don’t feel like cleaning most days. So I’ll share a few things that help me find the motivation to clean my home when I really don’t feel like it.

Find Inspiration

I really love watching YouTube videos of other moms cleaning their homes. I know, that probably sounds crazy. But watching someone else doing it makes me want to do it. You can get new ideas for cleaning, decorating, and organizing while you clean your home. This is a good way to pick up cleaning tips along the way. I like to think I made some “friends” along the way. Now I look forward to watching these videos every day.

Make And Stick To Routines

So one of the biggest tips I have learned from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers is to make your chores routine. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but the method she uses is called the Flylady Method. This vlogger has implemented this method in her home. She breaks it down into morning and night routines, and has zones for different areas of the home.

I talk more about routines on my other blog A Housewife’s Life so if you would like to read about it you can do so here.



A good way to keep up with these routines is to print them and keep them in sheet protectors. If you give your children chores, they can just go to the list and mark them off as they go.

Do a little something every day. I’ve said this in a past post about keeping on top of things to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

I personally don’t use this exact method, but I believe having routines is great motivation. Just like any other “habit”, it is easier to stick to something that is a routine. Just like washing your face and brush your hair and teeth are routines you stick to every morning, this is the same principle. Check out for more specifics on this method.

Crank Up The Music

I love to listen to music while I clean. I have a little speaker that I got at Walmart for $5 that I can connect to my phone through Bluetooth. It was on sale, but works great for the price. There is a huge variety of speakers to choose from that range in price from cheap to NOT. So find your jam, and crank it up.



If You Want It You Have To Work For It

Even with these little tips I’ve talked about today, I still don’t always want to clean. Cleaning is just not at the top of my priorities I guess. But I love a clean home, and therefore, I must clean.  If you have any motivational tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.





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6 thoughts on “How To Get Motivated To Clean Your Home – When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

  1. I agree! We need motivation to clean. I crank up the music, like you mentioned. It works!
    I also spend a few minutes visualizing what it will look and feel like when I’m done. I love the feeling I get when the place is cleand, so that helps too!

  2. Michelle, I enjoyed reading this post. It reminds me of when my children were young and at the end of the day there wasn’t much energy for tidying up children’s toys and putting them away. However, I had to do it as my husband was over fussy about tidiness. I couldn’t complain though, because I never had to pick up after him. And I certainly didn’t want him to arrive home to floors covered with toys of all shapes and sizes.

    Finding inspiration from YouTube videos is something I do too. It’s a great way of learning new ideas, as well as helping us to look at things in a positive way.

    I think applying the Flylady Method to my office organization could change my life for the better! At least I’d know exactly where everything is.

    All the best.

    1. My husband complains sometimes as well and I just clean the next day lol. YouTube videos are awesome. There’s only a couple I follow faithfully because there isn’t enough time in a day to follow them all. And my desk could use some organization as well.

  3. Fantastic and timely post!

    This article contains very relevant and actionable advice. I like the idea of making this a habit and doing a little bit everyday – making and sticking to a routing is probably the most relevant part for me.

    Thank you!

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