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Farmhouse Style | Living/Family Room Edition

I am sorry that it is taking me so long to get out this next installation of the Farmhouse style series. I have just been overwhelmed with being an adult. Adulting can be exhausting. I know you all know this. So I am here today to get started again.

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The second installation of the Farmhouse style series will be about the living room or family room. Maybe you have both, so this will allow you to pick a variety of pieces without the worry of over crowding either room. There is such a thing as too much furniture. And that will make your space feel cluttered. We don’t want that.


Let’s Talk Tables

For this article, I am focusing on Amazon. Amazon has a lot of farmhouse style furniture.



Some tables I came across in my research had an industrial feel. And I like that because it ties in well with such materials as tin or aluminum.



I like a symmetrical feel to furniture, or anything really. My OCD gets the best of me at times. Here, we have a coffee table and two end tables that would go very well in your living/family room.








My television is mounted high on the wall after a toddler took a wrench to the screen of my last TV. But this TV console table is gorgeous.




Lighter Wood


You may not be into the darker look of furniture. If that is you, Amazon also offers white or distressed look pieces that I love.



The first piece that I found was a steamer trunk/coffee table. This even has storage inside, so that is always a plus in my opinion.




I also found console tables (end tables) made from reclaimed wood. These require assembly. These are so pretty. I believe they have a combination of natural and white look to them.






 I found this beautiful entertainment center. It will fit a 70 inch TV, and has sliding barn doors!





Look at this pretty sofa table as well. I think all of these pieces could make a cohesive look for the living/family room.






A couple of the pieces I listed before double as storage, but I also came across a few things worth mentioning to complete your look.



Furniture Pipeline has this 5-shelf bookcase that is metal and reclaimed aged wood finish. It is wall mounted, Again, this has the industrial look with the farmhouse style.





A similar piece is this 5-tier espresso bookshelf or media storage with open shelves.





And lastly, Better Homes and Gardens has this modern farmhouse style storage cabinet in rustic gray which can also be found on Amazon.





If you don’t already have carpet, there are many floor coverings to choose from. They have natural fiber, jute, basket weave, multi color, and even different shapes such as square, rectangle, oval, and circular. You name it. They even have one that mimics the look of actual wood if that’s what you’re looking for.





And if none of this is your style, stay with your natural floors. I love real hard wood as well as bamboo floor. And I love ceramic tile. Who doesn’t, right?



This is really just touching the surface when it comes to decorating. They have wall decor, window dressing, light fixtures, and even the color of paint you may choose that can all add to your farmhouse style look.



For more ideas, here are some books to give that little inspiration you may need.





Which do you prefer- the light or dark look? I like both, so I have a hard time choosing. Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? If you do, please leave them below. Also, stay tuned for the next installment in this Farmhouse style series.

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2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style | Living/Family Room Edition

  1. You have such great taste and I love the things you have picked out. We need several rugs and the one you have shown, Safavieh Natural Fiber, would go perfect in our family room.

    1. Rick, I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. I have been away. But thank you very much for the comment, and I think these rugs are very pretty as well.

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