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Farmhouse Style | Kitchen/Dining Room Edition


I have always loved watching home improvement shows like This Old House, decorating shows like Divine Design, Trading Spaces, and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. I haven’t watched any of the newer shows because I just don’t have time. But somewhere, somehow I came across farmhouse style furniture/decor and fell in love with it. Probably Pinterest.

I am going to be doing this little series on farmhouse style furniture, and I will start with the kitchen and dining room, the heart of the home.


Kitchen Tables

There are some beautiful pieces out there, y’all. Like if I could redo my entire house it would be a dream come true with all the beautiful furniture.

When I think about a farmhouse table, I always think of bench seating and distressed paint. Amazon has gorgeous table and chair sets to satisfy any eye. Even if you prefer chairs over bench seating, there is so much to choose from.



What about kitchen islands? I always wanted one, but I never had one. Again, in my dream home, I would have an island, a table with bench seating, and also a dining room table. Because there can never be too much seating space with a large family.



I also really adore nooks. I love that it’s not in the middle of the floor, but rather tucked away neatly in the corner somewhere. I really am all about not walking or cleaning around things, so this is my favorite idea, actually. Especially a nook in front of a window. I think I should’ve called this post My Dream Kitchen.


Lastly, this sofa table could be used as a buffet.



Obviously the most important aspect of your cabinetry is the functionality of it. But it doesn’t hurt if it looks good too. If you are looking to replace your existing cabinetry with new ones be prepared for the bill. You could simply refinish them yourself.

Pinterest and YouTube are two great places for tutorials on this project, or you could hire a painter still at a fraction of the cost of replacement.



The little pieces of decor can make all the difference in a room. For farmhouse, rustic, or vintage appeal, look for things like burlap, tin, and wood. Other items to consider are mason jars, wire baskets, or wooden baskets. Wall clocks or planters made from sheet metal add just the right touch.
I love to hang things on the wall. Pictures, art, and clocks are just a few. Floating shelves are another option.


For me, farmhouse floor screams hardwood. Today there are so many floor styles to choose from including ceramic tile that look like hardwood! Go figure.

Personally, I don’t care for tile so I would go for the hardwood look, even if it’s not real hardwood. With vinyl plank, laminate, and bamboo flooring that looks just like the real thing, you can’t go wrong here.


And That’s Just The Beginning

The possibilities are endless for farmhouse style furniture and decor. Of course, I do most of my shopping at Amazon. They have great prices and 2-day shipping with prime.

What is your style? Modern? Contemporary? Eclectic? Let me know what you like down below, and I can try to get out a post showcasing your favorites. And if you have any tips or ideas that I may have forgotten, please leave a comment below.





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8 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style | Kitchen/Dining Room Edition

  1. Great website Michelle. Thanks for taking the time to research and to share such interesting farmhouse items. It reminds me very much of the joy we had, my wife and myself, when we bought a derelict farmhouse in South Africa and proceeded in turning it into our piece of paradise. It gave us many years of fun and pleasure.

    I love visiting your website as I always find something new and useful.

    I look forward to your next article.

    Best wishes,

    John ツ

    1. Thank you John. I really love this style. It reminds me of my childhood. We didn’t have “farmhouse style”, but my daddy raised animals which we ate, and he grew a garden year round (still does) that we ate. It was like a small personal farm. So I love the charm.

  2. There are so many great ideas here on organizing spaces and great furniture to consider. The farmhouse table is beautiful and I actually love all of the other pieces you have shown. You have good taste.

    My wife and I are remodeling our home and are planning on buying another home in a few years so your website is just perfect.

    I love the information here and how you pulled everything together and the pieces you picked out were beautiful.

    1. Rick, thank you for the kind words. Have fun redecorating. What fun that will be! Stay tuned for the rest of the rooms in this series. I am hoping to get a new post out tomorrow.

  3. What a great post! Thanks for getting together all these beautiful pieces of furniture in one spot! Reading through this has made me want to start furniture shopping! I love the farm style dining room table you showcase. I think the look of the bench with the chairs is so rustic but also very practical especially for families with kids.
    I am going to be bookmarking this page and continually reflecting on it as we shop for furniture. We live in a post and beam style house and I love how this style of furniture looks in it. Thanks again!

    1. Jennifer, I imagine your home is beautiful!. I am so glad you like this style of furniture and design. I will be doing other rooms in this series, I have just been off the grid lately. I will be getting out a new post hopefully tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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