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Farmhouse Style |Bedroom Edition

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So, we have been talking about farmhouse style design lately. I love anything farmhouse, rustic, country, or the combination of them all. I tell my husband all the time that when we are ready to buy/build, I’d prefer an “older” house with character. We don’t want anything that needs a lot of work put into it, but something that looks lived in.

So today I am looking at farmhouse style bedroom decor. I love some of the stuff I have been seeing for the bedroom. Some of these pieces can even be used in other rooms of the house as well.


Farmhouse beds. Do you prefer the wooden frame or the iron frame bed? I love the look of an iron bed, but We don’t like the beds that squeak. So be sure that if you choose to go with the iron frame bed you go with a good quality one. And they are actually pretty affordable. I have found some as low as just under $100 to well over $1,000. So it just comes down to your budget. I had one of these iron framed beds when I was a kid, and I loved it.

Wooden frames, on the other hand, can have so many looks to them. I have seen some really beautiful beds, with lovely headboards, but I can never decide which one I like best.

Am I the only one who has trouble making decisions with this stuff? Wood framed beds will be more sturdy if it is real wood. And they will be more pricey too.

This is another are to re-purpose other things. An old wooden door would make a perfect headboard. So, again, it comes down to what you are personally looking for and your budget.

Sure, the purpose of the bed is to get a good nights rest, but it doesn’t hurt if it’s pretty too,


When I think of farmhouse bedding, I think quilts, bedspreads, chenille, and burlap. Y’all, they have burlap bedding. How cute is that? I imagine it isn’t really made of burlap because That would not be comfortable to the skin. But it is oh so pretty.

Curtains to match, yes please. You will also find adorable throw pillows to adorn the bed in all styles, shapes, and sizes. I could definitely see myself with some burlap bedroom accessories.


So depending on how you decide to decorate your space, you can go for a “bedroom set” or you can choose random pieces. I have a touch of OCD that cause me to want everything to match, but I am slowly breaking out of that as I see the beauty that is farmhouse style.

Obviously you won’t likely find an iron dresser. But wooden dressers with iron drawer pulls or knobs would go so well with the iron bed. And, if you choose the wooden bed, then there will be no problem coming up with ideas for night stands and chest of drawers to match. But I love this barndoor dresser that you can get at Amazon.

Don’t forget, distressed wood screams farmhouse, so keep this in mind when furniture shopping, even if you are re-purposing existing furniture.

Wall Decor

The sky is the limit here again. I know I have mentioned this before, but re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose. Old wooden doors make great headboards. But the doors with glass panes also make great picture frames. Need something smaller? Old wooden windows! These are great for pictures or just as art pieces. The ones here aren’t for pictures, but you get the idea.

Tin wall decor is adorable as well. There is just so much to choose from. And if you want your wall art to be seasonal, just print off seasonal things that you like that will fit your design style, and change it out as the seasons come and go.



I talked about area rugs on the living/family room edition of farmhouse style. If you would like to check that out, you can do that here.

I have one more installment of our farmhouse style series, the bathroom. Keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Do you have any ideas you would like me to write about? Let me know in the comment section below.





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