Craft Room Organization Ideas

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Do you ever reach for that glitter tape, mod podge, or chalkboard paint but can’t seem to put your finger on it? That’s what happens when we have stuff everywhere rather than everything having a home.



And I get it, we don’t all have big, spacious areas for all of our crafting supplies. So it can be hard to organize your craft room if it’s too small or too crowded. Here are a few different organizing hacks that will get that craft room back in order, and you can get your creative juices flowing again.



This hack can work for things besides just ribbon such as washi or other craft tapes, heck anything on a roll really. My mother-in-law has this cabinet with wooden dowels running vertically from one side to the other where she keeps her spools of ribbon. I know there’s a name for this cabinet, but anyway. That’s one idea, but I’ve seen many more on Pinterest. Like really, Pinterest has it all.


Another really cute hack is to use a plastic bin that has holes in it and run a dowel through it lengthwise. Depending on the width of the basket and size of your ribbon, you may fit two dowels lengthwise. Then you can put your ribbon on this wooden dowel and put the ends of the ribbon through the holes to keep them from getting all tangled. Then you just pull the one you need through its respective hole the length you need and VOILA!




I’ve also seen this with shoe boxes, but that requires hole punching and what not, and that’s time consuming. But if your up for it, give that a try instead.


The last hack for ribbon or rolls of tape is swing arm slack hangers. You can buy craft storage racks at any craft store as well as Amazon, but this hanger will work just as well.



I hope you still have those dowels. This easy tip for storing your craft paint requires towel bars and dowels! Inside your cabinet door, assuming you have cabinetry in your craft room, mount some towel racks to the door. Below the racks use some wood glue and place the dowels on the door to stop the bottles of paint from sliding out the bottom. Secure your dowels with finishing nails and paint the color of your choice (or don’t) and that’s all there is to it.



Peg Board

Peg boards have been used for storing things on the wall without taking up a lot of space. This is a perfect idea in a craft room because it gives a lot of surface area to hang things. You might use baskets to hold scrap fabric or ribbon. You might add shelves and use jars or other containers to hold loose odds and ends. You might even use those towel rods here to hang things from with S hooks such as scissors, baskets, or other crafting tools. Peg board hooks are a great way to store spools of thread as well.





Not every craft room has fabric, but if you are someone that sews, there’s a few ways to store your fabric. If you have a closet in your craft room, this is perfect. Remember those swing arm slack hangers? That’s right. Drape fabrics over these hangers.




You know those hangers with the clamps on each side when you buy jeans from the store? Well, you can buy those too. These work perfectly to hold fabrics.





Lastly, bookshelves. Amazon sells fabric organizers. Then you simply line up your fabric like books on a shelf. If you don’t have bookshelves, simply hang a few shelves on the wall however long you need and you get the same effect.

Odds & Ends

Baby food jars! Mason jars! Resealable K-cups! To name a few. Also, I know you can buy organizers in the craft section of any store, but don’t forget about the fishing supplies. Tackle boxes can be cheaper than those craft organizers, and work just as well. Then you have it all in a nifty little carrying case. And girls fish these days. So you can get cute tackle boxes, if you so desire. LOL.


These containers can be used for things like loose buttons, stick pins, foam paint brushes, fabric markers, scissors, and small spools of thread or bobbins.


You guys, obviously there are just so many more hacks I could add here. These barely scratch the surface. As I said earlier, if your on Pinterest, look no more. It’s all right there.


If you are a crafty person, and you like these ideas or have some of your own, please share them below! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.





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2 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization Ideas

  1. I LOVE this article!!! I LOVE organizing and craft and hacks!! This was made for me!! I go to the Pound shop and buy cheap tool boxes, which would actually be useless for tools!! Then I sort my craft supplies into different sections – Colouring, Sewing, Scrapbooking etc, that way I can pick up what I need and take it with me to where I’m working!

    1. That’s a great idea as well. I almost mentioned that one. There are so many things that can be used without spending lots of $$$ on actual craft organization systems because those are pricey. Glad you liked it.

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