Mormon Mom Planner| 2018 Review

First of all let me say I am relatively new to this planner thing. I remember back in the day when those little 2-year planners the size of a checkbook were the thing. I always used those.   But now there are some really awesome planners out there. I know that not everyone is a planner person, but if you…

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Large Family Holiday – Real life 4 Christmases

My oldest child is from my first marriage. My husband’s parents are divorced and remarried (or committed). This makes for a very LARGE amount of people when trying to plan family get functions. Holidays are the worst- but not necessarily in a bad way. However, holidays can be a stressful time when there are this many people around. After all…

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Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System Review – The Easy Way To Organize Your Closet

Product: Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System Price: $127.49 Where to Buy: Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty My rating: 9.5 out of 10 Product overview DIY or BUY When it comes to organization, there are many options out there. For the closet, they have pre-made systems or DIY. Customized DIY organization can be quite pricey. And if that is the…

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Best Monthly Planner To Keep Your Life Organized

I have said this already, but being organized is really important if you want to minimize stress in your life. This is even more true when you have children with things going on such as school functions or extracurricular activities. One way to get and stay organized is by using a planner. I love my planner. But what is a…

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